Vapers Delight Ultra Twist Battery - 500mAh


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Vapers Delight Ultra Twist Battery - 500mAh


1. Ensure your battery is adequetly charged
  • Gently screw the top of the battery into the provided USB charger
  • Plug the battery and charging assembly into a wall adapter (not Apple) for best results
  • Charge the device for 2-3 hours to obtain a full charge
  • Charging will be indicated by the LED light on the battery

2. Attach a vape cartridge
  • You can take any 510 thread cartridge that is 12mm in diameter or less and screw it all the way into the top of the vape battery

3. Turning your device ON
  • Click the round button on the battery 5 times rapidly & simultaneously to lock or unlock the device
  • Changing colors means Pre-heat Mode is engaged. Push button to exit mode at any time

4. Vaping
  • When the device is on (unlocked) push and hold the round button throughout the duration of your inhale
  • Release the button when you are no longer inhaling

5. Selecting the voltage level
  • To adjust the heat or intensity of your vape you can twist the bottom rotating voltage adjuster
  • By rotating it you can increase or decrease your vape intensity
  • Higher number is a higher intensity
****Certain cartridges may have maximum voltage levels and exceeding them could burn them out****

6. Warnings
  • Keep all vape devices away from children
  • Keep vape devices out of extreme temperatures and altitudes