Behalf Financing


Behalf is a fast and easy solution for you to get quick credit to pay your invoices.

Here’s how it works


  • Behalf offers you up to $50,000 of instantaneous business funding to pay your invoices.
  • Create an account. Once payment is approved, Behalf pays Devine Dist on your behalf.
  • You pay Behalf in up to 180 days, according to the repayment plan that you choose. Minimum transaction amount of $300.

We're offering financing through our partner, Behalf.

Get Your Business Growing with Behalf Credit.

Behalf is a smart opportunity for small and medium sized businesses to get the credit they need. Credit that can be used right here, right now.

Want to find out how much you qualify for? Click the "APPROVE ME" button below to see how much money Behalf can extend to you. Behalf offers up to $50,000 and up to 180 days.

Behalf will pay DEVINE Dist, and you’ll pay Behalf back on a schedule you set. Simple as that.

Wondering about the rates? They’re personalized for every user and range between $10-30 per $1,000 per month and there is also interestfree Net 180.

You only need to fill in a few fields to get yourself approved. You're just two clicks away from finding out how much you qualify for and there is no credit check to be preapproved .


How to Use Your Behalf Financing in under 5 minutes:
  • 1. Get pre-approved for Behalf using the form above.
  • 2. Complete your profile on
  • 3. Request to pay us
  • 4. Select repayment schedule and add a bank.
  • 5. Submit your order
  • 6. Checkout in your Devine Distribution Account